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FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY: Early Childhood Education


People, Planet, Profit

We’re sharing our unique success and going global—join us!

MUSE equips young people with the tools needed for a lifetime of curiosity. With innovative academics, passion-based learning, and an emphasis on sustainability - students learn to live consciously with themselves, one another and the planet.

In our consideration of like-minded partners, we recognize that every geography and situation comes with its own unique challenges and adaptations. This is why our pre-opening processes, systems, and staff help to design customized programming to overcome any and all challenges. We provide assistance, approval, and support for all elements—facilities and FF&E, training and operations, marketing and communications. We have a great story, which we want to share with our partners, supporting a continued commitment to excellence.

An Economically Sustainable Model Supporting Private Sector Investment Returns

Key Metrics of Projected New MUSE Schools

  • Best models are 100–200 students
  • More than 100 square feet (9.29 square meters) allotted per student
  • Tuition is flexible in order to meet local conditions and the overall model
  • Targeted Single Campus Project level IRR: 45%–60%
  • MUSE is typically more affordable than private-school competition, but over the past twelve years of operations, the school has explored and identified a capital-efficient model that can provide market-driven investor returns.
  • Price of MUSE tuition and fees is market-driven, and coordinated with MUSE Global to reflect variance in costs and the dynamics of each geographic location.
  • Operations have been continuously refined so that the expansion of R & D MUSE schools to both domestic and international franchising can be economically sustainable, with investor-driven models that can exceed expectations for all audiences, students, parents, operators, and investors.
  • A cornerstone of the MUSE Global project is a return on investment (ROI) based on financial returns and/or the development of human potential, health, wellness and happiness, and operational sustainability. The template model for MUSE Global is based on a premise of “no margin, no mission”—a robust economic model is central to our sustainability and vibrancy.
  • MUSE Global provides students with unique programs, competitive pricing, well-trained and energetic people, destination places, and global promotion.

The Muse global advantage


Personalized Learning: 

Customized curriculum based upon students’ passions, maximizing comprehension and motivation.

Powerful Early Academics: 

Small classes to increase individual assessment and personalized attention.



Emphasis on cultivating self-efficacy: the belief in one's ability to succeed through their Open, Resourceful, and Persistent skills.